Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL

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Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL

Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL

Area rugs are just only decorative features that add warmth and appeal to your home. Jist like carpet, they serve a functional purpose by providing some protection to your floors. However, as it goes with any other component of your household, area rugs need regular maintenance to ensure they look their best.

Call Steam Green to schedule Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL when you notice:

Visible Spills and Stains
From accidental wine or fruit juice spills to a coffee cup mishap or pet accidents, stains will quickly degrade the appearance of your area rugs. The longer you wait to get Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL, the more challenging it becomes to remove stains. Regularly scheduled cleaning along with spot treatment goes a long way toward preventing permanent stains.

Lingering Unpleasant Odors
Does your area rug give off unpleasant odors even after you vacuum? It’s a clear indicator that the rug is overdue for thorough, professional cleaning. Gradually, dirt, pet dander, dust and dropped food particles can collect deep in the fibers of the area rug. This creates an environment where bacteria thrives and, consequently, it causes those odors. Steam Green’s cleaning techniques helps eliminate them so your area rug smells fresher and clean.

Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL

Respiratory Problems, Allergies
If you or someone in your household are experiencing an increase in allergic symptoms or respiratory ailments like coughing and sneezing, your area rugs could be the possible cause. Rugs trap in allergens like dust mites and pollen. When there is foot traffic across the rug it releases these allergens into the air.

Regular cleaning by our experienced technicians can significantly lower the levels of allergens and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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Our team will begin by evaluating the area rugs that you want us to clean. Our technicians can go over the cleaning processes with you and answer any questions you might have.
Before beginning, we will safely move furniture out of the way that is necessary for the Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL.

The rug cleaning services usually start with spot treating the areas that call for some extra attention. Then, we’ll use our specialized rug cleaning equipment to apply a deep clean. The machine directs hot water onto the area rug, which causes it to release the dirt and dander deep in the fibers, extracting the water and eliminating the dirt.

The powerful action of our rug cleaning equipment removes a significant volume of water, enabling your area rugs to dry rapidly. Finally, our technicians do a final inspection, making sure you are pleased with your newly clean area rugs!

Many our clients will often inquire about how frequently they should contact Steam Green to schedule our area rug cleaning services. The answer basically depends upon the age and condition of the area rugs and where they are located in the house. For instance, a rug that is in a bedroom or spare room that doesn’t get a lot of use and foot traffic will naturally not require cleaning as frequently as a rug near the front door that receives a lot of action.

In general, we advise our customers to schedule a cleaning for their area rugs at least once per year. With our tried and true, cost-effective techniques and Area Rug Cleaning Peoria IL products, you can expect your area rugs to look and smell good! Plus, consistent cleaning will prolong the lifespan of the rugs so you can enjoy them in your home for many years to come!





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