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Pet urine is among the most damaging liquids

Pet urine is among one of the most damaging liquids that can come in contact with your carpet. It’s not just acidic, which stains certain types of carpet fiber, it can also destabilize dyes and cause glues and backing to break down. It’s not uncommon for urine to seep past the backing and into the padding.

standard hot water extraction

Cleaning with standard hot water extraction involves removing contaminants from only the face fibers of the carpet and does not have deodorizing properties.
pet remediation urine

Once the urine affects the backing or the padding, it requires an extensive cleaning process that involves the following steps:

Remediation of Dog Body Oils and Odors

Due to the prevalence of polyester-based carpet fibers in homes and businesses along with our love of furry pals, issues with dog odors in carpet are common. These fibers, which tend to retain oils, make it difficult to remove dog body oils with standard cleaning. Bacteria accumulates on the skin and then transfers to the carpet through the oil, which leaves a “doggy” odor behind. Our process rinses away dirt, which exposes the odor-containing oil in the carpet fibers.

We address this by:

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