Mold Removal

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Steam Green recognizes the health hazards

Steam Green recognizes the health hazards of sharing air space with toxic mold while also viewing mold remediation from a holistic viewpoint. Our remediation experts will inspect all areas of the affected space and gather air samples prior to and following remediation. This thorough strategy enables us to accurately assess the condition of your air and determine the level of contaminants.

samples are sent to a third-party lab

The samples are sent to a third-party lab and signed off by an industrial hygienist who provides a report comparing your air quality to IAQ (indoor air quality) standards. Mold is considered to be a hazard to air quality. Other contaminants such as bacteria, pet dander, dead skin cells, or VOCs from cleaning products often share the same space and grow alongside mold which consequently contribute to an unhealthy environment.
Mold Removal

When Steam Green remediates your home or business for mold, we directly address the cause of the mold contamination.* Our method also involves treating the whole space with a micro-cleaning process that thoroughly cleans the air with an unscented proprietary food-grade solution. It functions as a non-mechanical air scrubber to ensure good air quality. Our Whole House protocol not only removes mold spores but sanitizes all areas, too. Treating mold with an antimicrobial eliminates mold. However, because mold can still produce mycotoxins even when it’s dead, it is essential to remove it completely and apply a mold inhibitor that seals the surface and prevents it from returning.

Steam Green's Mold Remediation Process

*Prior to mold remediation, the cause of water intrusion must be addressed to ensure that mold does not have an environment where it might grow back.

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