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Professional Cleaning and Care of Your Hardwood Floors

With hardwood flooring becoming more popular in homes throughout McClean County, there is a growing need for cleaning methods that go beyond conventional mop cleaning. Steam Green performs a low-moisture cleaning process that loosens and extracts deeply embedded dirt that traditional cleaning method simply cannot.

Our wood floor cleaning machines gently scrub the floor using a safe cleaning solution that emulsifies the dirt and breaks its bond with the floor surface for easy removal.

There are many varieties of wood flooring options in homes today that span from exotic to engineered, hand-scraped hardwood. Many floors are prefinished and feature varying degrees of urethane protective coating that preserves the surface and enhances its beauty. With daily use, it is essential that wood floors receive proper maintenance with frequent dust mopping and quality cleaners. When floors are left dirty, they may become damaged by abrasive dirt and show signs of wear. Once the dirt has scratched beyond the finish and into the stain and wood itself, it will require sanding to restore to a new condition. Our goal is to catch the floor as it begins to show signs of dullness and wear, so that we can restore it using our Dustless Refinishing Process.

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Once the floors are completely clean and residue free, we apply our low VOC water-based finishes, which are among the “greenest” refinishing methods on the marketplace

The benefits include:

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