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Professional Cleaning for Upholstery, Leather and Vehicle Interiors

We clean all types of furniture and upholstery, from microfibers and cottons to velvet and leather. And we do it better than the competition! Our wide range of Green Certified products along with the specialized equipment we use enables our cleaning teams to thoroughly remove body oils, dirt stains and even those mysterious spots that are so tough to eliminate. We can usually remove stains that you may have thought were permanent. There’s no need to buy new upholstery!

Our technicians are trained

Safely cleaning furniture requires expertise, time and especially careful attention to the details. Our technicians are trained to understand the right products, temperature, and pressure needed to safely and effectively clean all fabrics. Don’t trust just any contractor with your upholstery cleaning needs! With our equipment and industry experience, we can clean, protect, and restore your furniture to its former appeal.

Upholstery Cleaning

Minimal Drying Time
Because we remove so much of the moisture during the cleaning process your furniture should dry in about one to four hours. The type and thickness of the fabric, its construction, humidity and airflow will all affect the drying time. If the furniture is re-protected the drying time will be about 30 minutes longer.

Our recommendations for how often to schedule upholstery cleaning varies based on frequency of use and the environment in which you use your furniture. Furniture in a main living space that gets daily use, for instance, will typically require cleaning more frequently than furniture in a guest room that’s only used a few times per year. However, it is essential to remove dirt before it permanently damages your furniture. Compare the part of the furniture that is used more often – such as a chair seat – with the lesser-used parts like the top back or sides to get an indication of how soiled the piece is.

Here are some general recommended cleaning intervals:

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