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Your Holiday Restoration Company

As temperatures are on a continual decline, and freezing temperatures begin to appear, we head indoors to keep ourselves warm! The holidays bring comfort and warmth at our own provision, as we share these amenities with friends and family nearby. Here at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria IL & Bloomington IL), we recognize the value behind offering the best experience to your loved ones; and are on standby to ensure your home or business is in the best possible shape before they arrive! Allow us to bring your carpets or furniture back to life through our detailed cleaning and restoration process. Bring a noticeable difference to your location, and contact us today!

Our knowledgeable team of employees use only the highest certified equipment and solutions. The idea of freshly renovated furniture and carpets may be enough to provide you with an overall sense of comfort, but the final appearance and scent of these areas after our services are provided will confirm it! Give your guests the experience they deserve with a room that emits comfort and cleanliness. We strive to give each home/business owner a remarkable experience this holidays, with remarkable service and pricing.

If your location is already in tip-notch shape for your upcoming event, it may be worth booking an appointment after the joy and cheer resides! Christmas can bring out the most joyful pieces of our character, and those pieces might just lead to pieces of unwanted food, drinks, and more on your floor or furniture! We are familiar with every type of stain, and the depth of services required to restore your carpet or furniture back to its original appearance (and smell). Holiday services are our specialty, and with decades of service in the Peoria IL and Bloomington IL area; we are prepared to offer our time travel services. In other words, restoring your home/business to the presence before your holiday gathering (or further!).

Imagine the time gap from your last carpet/furniture cleaning (if there is one), and the day by day build up of dust, odor, crumbs, and other non preferred factors that lie beneath what the eye can see. This picture might generate concern for walking barefoot in your home or even dismay your intentions to comfortably relax with ease on your current furniture. Treat yourself this holidays to a full restoration from Steam Green, and our team will relieve the anxiety of an unclean room as you spend more time within for warmth and Christmas gatherings.

Reach out to our team today with any questions or concerns that you may have in regards to our restoration process. Our team is available at your demand to provide you with the knowledge and step by step process that will be taken. Ask about our Christmas sales, and give us a few hours of your day to restore years of detriment upon your carpets and furniture. We look forward to offering you services that will completely change the aura within your home or business; and wish you a Happy Holidays in a room of maximum comfort!

Happy Holidays from:
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