We are Still Responding to COVID-19 in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


We are Still Responding to COVID-19

As we pay recognition to the ever progressing COVID-19 virus, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria IL & Bloomington IL) are still putting forth even deeper precautionary measures as we continuously strive for the highest level of safety within our local community. The lack of prediction provided by COVID-19 has each of us instilling maximum standards in an effort to minimize the current day-to-day rates. Much about this virus is still unsolved, but we do know that consideration toward sanitization and cleanliness is necessary to keep minimizing its risk. Our team at Stream Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria IL & Bloomington IL) have worked together to coordinate manners in which we will ensure clientele safety while also maintaining protection for our own employees. As a home or business owner, you can rest in the truth that our certified team will still be able to provide the high quality services you are used to, without jeopardized your health throughout the process.

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration services are not always planned, sometimes emergencies or events arise and urgent care is needed. Water Damage Restoration, Pet Remediation, and many others are examples of conditions that require urgent attention. At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria IL & Bloomington IL) we are maintaining our emergency services to handle these vital issues; but that is just a side note to what we are here to discuss today. The true matter at hand is the recognition that some restoration services are simply inevitable. Within each of these examples, situations are provided that require home and business owners to be comfortable enough to invite a Restoration Expert into their home to reach a resolution. We do not have any hard feelings, but do understand what it is like to invite a stranger into your home! Today we would like to emphasize that each of our employees are thoroughly evaluated before being assigned to a restoration service, and will follow the same safety rules that you uphold in your home or office. After all, in the near future we hope to not be looked at as a stranger.

The more frightening side of this perspective is that health experts are unsure of a deadline for this virus, if there is one at all. We are not going to make predictions, but rather inform that the current safety precautions we have integrated into the services we provide will last as long as they need to (if we do not just add them as an integral part of our operations). This way even if you consider pursuing Carpet Cleaning or Restoration services in the future; rest in the peace that the team members who arrive on the job will be maintaining maximum safety standards.

As we strive to rise above this virus, we all need to continue to work together. At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria IL & Bloomington IL), we would like to emphasize that we are doing our part through the provision of our Carpet Cleaning & Restoration services. Whether you are considering routine installations or seeking emergency repairs, our certified team is on call with complete recognition toward the health standards of your home or business. Allow us to continue offering our services at a quality and cost you desire; while providing the ease of mind you need during this difficult time. As a business that is founded in the same community we service, we remain eager to rise above this struggle with mutual investment of our community. Rest assured that your local 5-Star Rated Business is still responding to the ever-progressing conditions of COVID-19.

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