Tackling Carpet and Furniture Odor Issues in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Tackling Carpet & Furniture Odor Issues

Despite the presentation of your current existing carpets or furniture, one of the most prominent issues may be a resounding odor. Although this smell could be minute, it is important to recognize that such an existence affects your indoor air quality. Here at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning in Peoria IL, we offer affordable full inspection services and phone support in regards to tackling these odor issues. Areas such as Peoria IL and surrounding areas feature heavy layers of rain fall and weather extremes during winter months. With these in mind, water intrusion is very common, and could be an initial sign to resounding mold that will slowly progress into a worse/more costly issue in the future. This article will touch on potential sources of odors in your home regarding carpets/furniture, and how you can you fix/prevent these issues in the near future.

Evaluate the current standing of your home, and the cleanliness beneath the carpet that is not visible to the eye. Can it be assumed that beneath the perfect color of your carpet that mold/bacteria spores are growing because of previous pets, spills, or water leakage? Water vapor allows smell to travel and set beneath the visible presentation of your carpet. Liquid is also a stimulant for bacteria/mold growth and detrimental to the overall health of the carpet in your home/business. A personal inspection can be conducted just with the nose. If a fowl spell is noticed, get closer to the carpet in an effort to centralize the problem. If a persistent odor is noticed, we highly recommended reaching out with your questions or concerns. Our experienced staff at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can assist you directly at allocating your issue, and provide reasonable inspections to solve your problem in a timely manner.

The key to deodorizing is to pinpoint the locatiocn of bacterial/mold growth or water intrusion, and then removing this source. The first solution is to begin dehydrating the area and reducing overall humidity. Only prominent areas will remain, and from here we must inspect the category of water that has infiltrated these locations. Category 3 requires the replacement while Category 1 requires even further measures to completely remove the smell. Our Carpet Cleaning techniques and products are certified and approved for removing even the toughest odors. As we guarantee you that the issue will be resolved, you can begin to witness the original smell of "home" start to come back as it should.

Whether jumping straight to the assumption of mold/bacteria growth is over-exaggerate or not, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to tackle odor issues before they progress into costly/involved solutions. If you experience the smell of "home" beginning to fade, feel free to call us and discuss what exactly may be happening and steps to take to combat it (even on your own). Steam Green Carpet Cleaning in Peoria IL has been servicing the community and surrounding areas with five star ratings and is dedicated to providing the most comfortable experience to all home/business owners in the area. Give your nose a break, and restore that perfect home smell!