Prolong your Carpets & Furniture in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Prolong your Carpets & Furniture

Another year has passed, placing another 365 days of wear and buildup on carpets and furniture throughout your home. If you have a pet, this may consist of unsightly or odorous residues or spots on the carpet and furniture.

Here at Steam Green Cleaning and Restoration, we service the Peoria Il and Bloomington Il areas with a full range of services to restore your home to its original clean and odor free state. Despite being a proactive homeowner, sometimes life happens and we end up with spots, spills and pet accidents. Proper care and maintenance of your carpet and upholstery not only creates a better appearance and improves indoor air quality, it lengthens its lifespan. Although some situations require an in-depth cleaning and/or pet remediation, our team at Steam Green Cleaning and Restoration would like to provide a few tips and techniques to prolong the original appearance of your carpets and furniture.

Clean up messes as soon as possible
Saturation of fluids takes place as soon as a spill or pet accident occurs. It is important to immediately soak up any liquids immediately with a clean dry towel to not only prevent further penetration but, also to reduce the opportunity for mold growth. Use caution using over the counter cleaning spotters as many are known to permanently bleach or strip color from carpet. Some store bought spotters actually leave a soapy residue in the carpet and upholstery which attracts dirt to the sticky spot that is left behind. Some products have a high ph which changes the chemistry of the stain, making the stain permanent or very difficult to remove. Consult the Steam Green professionals regarding recommended products that will not damage carpet or void carpet manufacturing warranties. We carry several products that we have been using for many years that are tested and approved for spot cleaning.

Some messes are not seen by the eye
Dust, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, debris and other micro substances are often not noticed while we are living our busy lives. The longer these elements rest or cling to fibers, the more of a build up develops in our living area. Our expert services, IICRC certified technicians and top of the line equipment will remove these contaminants and restore your home to a healthy home.

Steam Green Cleaning and Restoration carries one of the only EPA approved carpet and upholstery protectants. Applying this product after your routine carpet/upholstery cleaning helps prevent resoiling, neutralizes alkaline residues and impedes carpet “wicking” of spills. We highly recommend application of this protectant in order to preserve the life of your carpet and furniture and to help future stains from becoming permanent.

Our expert team at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can analyze your current carpet and upholstery needs and provide you with the best solution (literally and figuratively) to keep your carpets and furniture in their best condition. Our green, VOC free natural solutions are not only safe and effective but also nontoxic for your family and your pets. Indoor air quality is not only impacted by the every day contaminants we bring in on a regular basis, but is also affected by the cleaning products that we chose to use.

With a quality team of experts, you can be assured as a home or business owner that the services we provide are tailored to your environment and your needs. Whether you are interested in prolonging the life of your carpets and furniture through routine deep cleaning, applying protectants to prolong the life of your valuable items in your home or in need of pet remediation to restore your carpet to its pre-puppy luster, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is happy to be your experts in the business. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have and our experts will help you navigate the best options for your environment. We are committed to your satisfaction and to the health of your home.

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