Phenolic Yellowing in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Phenolic Yellowing

Occasionally, we come across a situation where a customer has had furniture or a rug covering the carpet for an extended period of time and when they remove the furniture or textiles, there is a noticeable yellow hue to the carpet where these items had been placed.

Phenolic yellowing is the result of off gassing of specific materials that contain Butylhydroxyltoluene (BHT). BHT is a chemical used in the processing of latex based products in order to preserve or extend the life of the material. Unfortunately, this chemical off gasses for the life of the product. BHT is used in many home d├ęcor items such as tufted rugs, all carpet underlayment and some furniture. When carpet is covered, it is not allowed to off gas and the chemical is trapped and settles into the carpet fibers. This causes the yellowed discoloration that we see after long standing items are finally removed from the carpet.

How do I prevent Phenolic Yellowing?
Allowing the carpet to BREATHE is the best way to prevent this unwanted discoloration. Do not place area rugs on top of existing carpet and move furniture every six months so that BHT is allowed to escape the carpet fibers. Vacuuming regularly and having the carpet professionally cleaned routinely are also measures that should be taken as a preventative step.

Can you remove Phenolic Yellowing with carpet cleaning?
Once this discoloration is evident, the damage has been done. There are no cleaning agents to effectively take this yellowing out of the fibers. Being proactive in preventing this problem is a key factor in extending the longevity of your carpet.

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