Myth #1: You should wait as long as possible to clean your carpet. Once you clean your carpet it will never be the same. No! Years ago, when shampooing was the primary method of cleaning, it was true. The shampoo attracted dirt which would cause the carpet to get dirty faster. Today, there are better products and methods which leave the carpets dryer and residue free. Removing the dirt through these new methods of cleaning will not only prolong the life of the carpet, but maintain its appearance as well. Carpets will usually ugly out before they wear out

Myth #2: Your carpet should only be cleaned when it looks dirty. False! Like the sheets on your bed, your carpet is a made of fibers. You don’t wait until your sheets LOOK dirty before you wash them, do you? Every day you track grease, dirt, pollen, dust, and outdoor pollutants on your carpet. Your carpet is made to hide these soils. Consider that the dirt accumulates from the bottom up. If you wait until your carpet LOOKS dirty, there may be a considerable amount of damage by the time you notice it. Dirt is abrasive and will scratch and dull carpet fibers. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning every 12-18 months.

Myth #3: One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another. No. Dry cleaning methods do not rinse your carpet with water. Have you ever used dry shampoo on your hair and felt that your hair was as clean as when you actually wash it? According to most carpet mills, the best method is hot water extraction from a truck mounted cleaning unit. This means hot water is used to rinse and then extract the soil. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet maker, primarily recommends hot water extraction because they know that this is the best method for removing the most soil and contaminants from carpet.

Myth #4: Any over the counter spot remover will be safe and effective to use on my carpet. Wrong! Many products sold on store shelves contain optical brighteners which are used to trick the consumer into thinking that the product is getting the carpet clean when in fact it can permanently lighten the carpet from the original color. Furthermore, over the counter spotters often change the ph of a stain which can “set” the stain and leave dirt attracting residues. If you want professional products then, get them from a professional.. Here at Steam Green Inc, we will recommend the right product to suit your need or situation.

Myth #5: All carpet cleaning companies are the same. Not so! Steam Green Inc is family owned and operated. Our people, our products and our process are entirely different! Check out our Google, Angie’s List and Facebook reviews to see what others think about our services!

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